Meet The Ağırbaşlı Granite

Ağırbaşlı Granite brought an innovative touch to the construction sector as a result of an ideal realised by Ayhan Ağırbaşlı in 2010 with the energetic rhythm of Bergama. The pioneering company expanded its vision and became an extraordinary symbol of innovation by entering the granite sector in Kozak Hacıhamzalar village in 2015.

With its philosophy of customer satisfaction, it has become a brand that has made a name for itself both at home and abroad. It not only contributes to the national economy, but has also made a significant impact on the sector with a conscious perspective.

Ağırbaşlı Granite, which has left its mark on many projects in Bergama, continues to play a role in shaping the sector by enabling the design of exclusive spaces with its wide range of products inspired by nature, while maintaining its original lineage.


Shaping the future of the granite industry by harnessing the power of innovation and providing fast, high-quality solutions to global trends.


To create a continuous and significant added value to the country’s economy by strengthening the company’s reputation at home and abroad in terms of originality and honesty.

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An innovative and vibrant portfolio and unique collaborations offer forward-looking sustainable solutions.