From Bergama to the World Granite; Universal Language of Nature

With an approach that respects nature, the demand for granite is met both in the domestic and foreign markets. This unique and precious natural stone is extracted from the underground riches in the heart of Bergama and transported to every corner of the world.

The story of the grey granite of Bergama is spread all over the world. The ecological footprint is kept as low as possible during the production process and the commitment to nature is maintained. One is proud to lead the world market with superior quality and production capacity.

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Bergama Gray Granite; The perfect reflection of nature’s eternal beauty

Gray Granite : Eternal & Aeshthetics

It is a durable stone that can withstand all weather conditions. Bergama grey granite retains its shape, colour and appearance for years and is highly resistant to problems such as abrasion, scratching or damage. It adds unique value to living spaces, offering a combination of aesthetics and functionality with its superior properties.

Gray granite is one of the most original and authentic stones that nature has to offer. It consists of natural minerals and crystals found in the earth. It contains no chemical additives and tells a unique story. It makes spaces unique by housing the art of nature and the marks of time in each piece.

It has a unique decorative appeal. It reflects its aesthetic richness in both indoor and outdoor spaces. With its unique hues, Bergama gray granite goes well with all colors and materials. It offers a flawless texture and impressive depth that gives it a touch of sophistication.

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It is the heart of granite, a tool that supports economic development and the creation of a sustainable society, contributing to the national economy through exports.

We help the precious mineral hidden in the depths of stone and soil to form the structure of a sustainable future. Raising awareness will meet the needs of the international market in the granite sector and provide maximum benefits to the national economy.

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